Gallery 8:  "Driven to Abstraction"
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*** New Series ***

"Driven to Abstraction"

Although Jaimie did not start out her career in Watercolor by painting abstractly, her natural curiosity about the nature of abstract paintings drove her to
seek an understanding of the nuances and ways of the abstract painting process.  As a result, she learned that all great art follows the same basic
principles of design, and that all great paintings have a basis in the underlying abstract composition: The stronger the abstract composition, the
stronger the painting!

Learning that basic truth about painting opened a whole new world for Jaimie, as her appreciation for abstract painting grew, and as she forayed into
the unknown with her own experimental approaches.

Visit this page often to see new postings, as new paintings have been flying rapidly off her brush lately!
"Golden Cosmos"

30" x 22"
Original Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic
& Collage on 300 pd Watercolor paper
"Jazz Scenes"

20" x 30"
Original Watercolor on Yupo Paper

Collection of Susan Cutshaw
"Balancing Act"

30" x 22"
Original Watercolor on Paper

Private Collection
"Jazz Scenes #3"

20" x 30"
Original Watercolor on Yupo Paper
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NEW !!

"Glass Mandala"  
30" x 22"
Transparent Watercolor, Watercolor Pencil &
Ink on Paper
"Where Ice Meets Earth"
20" x 28"
Transparent Watercolor and Liquid Acrylics
on Yupo

20" x 28"
Transparent Watercolor and Liquid Acrylics
on Yupo