Available Sizes  and Prices

Most of the paintings found on the Aquarelle Studios and Galleries website are available as Giclee
prints.  Contact us to inquire about availability for specific titles.  

Prints may be ordered in the following sizes, with their corresponding prices:

30" x 22"  ("Full Sheet") on 300 pd watercolor paper:         $135        2 for $260

22" x 15" ("Half Sheet") on 300 pd watercolor paper:         $   70        2 for $135

15" x 11" ("Quarter Sheet") on 300 pd watercolor paper:   $   40       2 for $75

8" x 10"    on 140 pd watercolor paper:                              $   22        2 for $40

5" x 7"       on 140 pd watercolor paper:                             $   16        2 for $30

8-pack of assorted
notecards with envelopes:                   $   10         Free pack with
orders                                                                                                               over $50

Free Shipping  on all orders over $250.  

Lowest market price for shipping on orders less than $250.
"What is a "giclee" print?" you ask.

Giclee (pronounced "zhee-clay" with an accent over the ee of
course!) is a french word which means "sprayed" and came
about to describe a method of printing, where inks are sprayed
onto a canvas or paper.

Giclee now represents a very high quality print, made from a
high resolution digital image, sprayed onto heavy guage artist
paper using very permanent ink.

Giclees are guaranteed to be far more permanent than
cheaper, more inferior printing methods.

Giclees will not fade during your lifetime, or perhaps even the
lifetime of your children.

Giclees are printed by hand, one by one, and are the next best
thing to owning an original, at a discounted price.  

Once framed,
giclees appear to look virtually identical to the
original, making them a great bargain.   
Note Card Collections         $10

Assorted packs of 8 cards (2 cards each
image) including envelopes.

Click here to see assortments available.
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