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Jaimie has launched several solo-artist exhibitions, and frequently participates in group shows, large and small. For a
sample of her group exhibitions and awards won in those shows, see the list toward the lower portion of this page.
"The Tropical Watercolors
Jaimie Cordero"

Pinecrest Gardens
October - December 2004

Solo Artist Exhibition
Jaimie's son, Daniel,
helps out at the Pinecrest
Gardens Exhibition.
"The Splendour of
Tropical Light"

Solo Artist
by Jaimie Cordero

Lobby Gallery

Palm Beach Gardens
City Hall

October - December

Group Shows (selected)                                   Dates                                 Venue                                      Awards **                                               Reception Photos

Florida Museum of Women Artists                                   November 2009                      Tallahassee, FL                                        ** Inuagural Exhibition

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition         Sept - Nov 2009                      Golden, CO        

San Diego Watercolor Society Int'l Exhibition                October 2009                          San Diego, CA                                          ** Signature Membership Certificate

American Artists Professional League                           Oct - Nov 2009                         Salmagundi Club, NYC

Florida Watercolor Society                                                 Sept 2009 - Jan 2010             Punta Gorda, FL                                       ** Margaret Cornish Debarba Award

Miami Watercolor Society                                                  April 2009                                  Palmetto Bay, FL                                     **  Best in Show

American Watercolor Society                    March - April 2009     Salmagundi Club, NYC

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies                 May  2009                                 San Diego, CA       

Transparent Watercolor Society  of America                 May - July 2008                       Bloomington, MN

Philadelphia Watercolor Society                                        November 2008                       West Chester, PA

Palm Beach Watercolor Society                                        November 2008                       Delray Beach, FL                                   ** Honorable Mention

Miami Watercolor Society                                                   November 2008                       Miami, FL
i                                                     November 2008                        Miami, FL
San Diego Watercolor Society                                           October 2008                           San Diego, CA                                        ** Pat Brentnall Award / Painting Sold

Florida Watercolor Society                                                 Sept - Oct 2008                         Delray Beach, FL

Miami Watercolor Society                                                   March 2008                               Miami, FL

Southern Watercolor Society                                             March 2008                               Quincy, FL                                             ** Creative Catalyst Productions Award

Miami Watercolor Society                                                   November 2007                        Miami, FL                                              **  First Outstanding Award

San Diego Watercolor Society                                           October 2007                            San Diego, CA

Palm Beach Watercolor Society                                        October 2006                           Cornell Museum                                 **  Second Place
                                                                                                                                             Delray Beach, FL                                 

Northwest Watercolor Society                                           April - May 2006                       Artists' Gallery                                **   Savoire-Faire
2006 Open Juried Exhibition                                                                                                     Seattle, WA                                            Merchandise Award

Florida Watercolor Society                                                  Sept - Oct 2005                       Leepa-Rattner Museum           
2005 Annual Exhibition                                                                                                             Tarpon Springs, FL                         

Florida Watercolor Society                                                  Aug - Sept 2004                      Quincy Art Center
2004 Annual Exhibition                                                                                                             Quincy, FL

Miami Watercolor Society                                                    April 2006                                  JCC Rotunda Gallery                           ** First Prize   
2006 Spring Exhibition                                                                                                                Miami, FL


Miami Watercolor Society                                                    November 2005                      801 Brickell Gallery                               ** First Place                            
2005 Fall Exhibition                                                                                                                    Miami FL


Miami Watercolor Society                                                    April 2005                                 Bet Breira Gallery                                   ** Best in Show       
2005 Spring Exhibition                                                                                                              Miami, FL


Palm Beach Watercolor Society                                        March 2005                             Coral Springs Museum of Art             **  Third Prize
Spring 2005 Exhibition                                                                                                              Coral Springs, FL


M W S Board Members Show                                             Aug - Sept 2005                      Hillary's Frame Gallery
                                                                                                                                            Miami, FL

Miami Watercolor Society                                                  November 2004                       D.A.S.H. Gallery                                       ** Award of Excellence                                   
Fall 2004 Exhibition                                                                                                                   Miami, FL


Summer Color Exhibition                                                    May - June 2004                      Hillary's Frame Gallery
Small group show                                                                                                                     Miami, FL

Miami Watercolor Society                                                  April 2004                                  Bet Breira Gallery                                  **  Second Prize                              
Spring 2004 Exhibition                                                                                                              Miami, FL


Miami Watercolor Society                                                 November 2003                       Lobby Gallery                                        **  President's Award
Fall 2003 Exhibition                                                                                                                  801 Brickell Ave
                                                                                                                                          Miami FL


Watermedia 2003                                                                 April - June 2003                    Houston, TX
Florida Watercolor Society
Special Exhibition
Jaimie's painting "Transitions" on
display (2nd from the left)  in
Quincy Art Center, FWS Exhibition
Cornell Museum. Jaimie
receives 2nd Place in Palm
Beach Watercolor Society show.
Jaimie at the opening in Seattle
with Juror Arne Westerman.
Jaimie's painting "Sunrise Walk
in Greenwich II" hangs to the
lower left in the museum in
Tarpon Springs, FL
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